Modesto Factors is dedicated to providing a wide variety of financing options to aid companies in meeting their cash flow and business credit needs; one of our many options is purchase order financing. Purchase order financing starts as a sales order or written purchase from your customers or clients. Modesto Factors then provides funds or issues letters of credit that allow your company to acquire the inventory or supplies needed to complete pending orders. The purchase order financing program from Modesto Factors can fund sales transactions up to 100% of capital requirements, allowing for more fluid cash flow and facilitating business growth. Call Modesto Factors today for more information on purchase order financing.

A top financing option from Modesto Factors includes equipment leasing. Our equipment leasing options allow small and mid-sized companies to overcome budget obstacles and pricing restrictions to lease the equipment they need. Our equipment leasing is available for a large variety of companies and industries, including medical or dental offices, restaurants, construction and more. Modesto Factors equipment leasing allows your company to access the best equipment in your industry, while still leaving lines of credit open and cash flow free. Learn more about equipment leasing now.

With Modesto Factors's many consumer receivables / installment contract financing options, businesses and companies that sell high-priced items and services such as electronics, appliances or cosmetic surgery through long term installment contracts. The installment contract financing / consumer receivables financing services from Modesto Factors provide businesses with the opportunity to receive upfront payment on long term installment contracts, so they can offer more installment plans to a larger customer base for optimum business growth. Complete an application now to learn more about installment contract financing / consumer receivables financing.

Commercial finance bridge loans from Modesto Factors can help you obtain immediate funding for your business while you seek more permanent financing. An excellent alternative to conventional bank loans, a commercial finance bridge loan can be an ideal solution for time-sensitive transactions such as acquisitions, public offerings or crucial repair work. Let us customize a commercial finance bridge loan package to fit your precise needs today.

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